May we be as one

Wendy Egyoku


May we be as one
door Wendy Egyoku Nakao Roshi
Abt van het Zen Centrum van Los Angeles

As we gather here this morning…

Let us explore
new ways of being.
Let us yield
whatever keeps us from learning.
May we be open.

Let us use
our gifts freely,
knowing that our life
exists because of all.
Let everyone know intimately
the wholeness of their being
sending love everywhere,
filling the smallest particle
to the largest space,
to this very moment that we share.
May we be generous.

Let us see as ourselves
the child without food,
the woman without a home,
the man with AIDS,
and all the myriad forms of suffering
that unfold within this life.
Let our love manifest
in simple acts of caring and
in words that gratify the heart.
May we be kind.

Let us appreciate all the life
with which we share
this precious earth and universe:
all creatures from ant to blue whale,
all plants from weed to rain forest,
the wind, the sun and moon, the sky.
Let the full potential
of everyone and everything
be realized.
May we be benevolent.

Let us engage in the fields of universal oneness
and know ourself and another
as not two.
Let us acknowledge
our own shortcomings and
take the shortcomings of others
as our own.
May we be cooperative.

Let us be aware
that when we ourselves live fully,
this in itself is the life of all.
Let us find our home
in the awareness of each moment.
May we be present.

Let us listen.
Let us be silent.
Let us being
in each and every moment.
May we be as One.

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