Dharmatalk over de straatretraite

Brian2.jpg-sizedJoshin Brian Byrnes heeft een straatretraite gedaan in de traditie van de Zen Peacemakers in New York en heeft daar in Upaya een dharmatalk over gegeven.

Drawing on his experience bearing witness to homelessness in one of Bernie Glassman’s recent street retreats in New York City, Joshin shares insights into the traditional ceremony “The Gate of Sweet Nectar, ” in which he participated daily during the retreat and may date back to the Buddha’s time. The ceremony calls in all of our ancient wisdom, all aspects of us, and all beings that are forgotten in this world. Joshin relates how by letting go of prejudices and inviting everyone in for the ceremony and accompanying meal he, other participants including the homeless, and even hedge fund managers formed the mandala of practice. He concludes by emphasizing a realization regarding class and dharma, that he could not have preferential mind for the homeless or wealthy. As Joshin says, through the retreat “you become the world and the world becomes you.”

Luister hier naar de dharmatalk van Joshin Brian Byrnes.